Guide to responsible shopping

While looking for a manufacturer where I can buy a new leather purse, I found this website. It’s very informative, and in the “search” field you can look how the manufacturing conditions for different brands are (“Responsible shopper profile”)

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5 Responses to Guide to responsible shopping

  1. Brittany says:

    I have found quite a few good businesses from Green America. Although with clothing, I tend to buy used. My favorite store right now is Savers, its a more “upscale” thrift store than Salvation Army or Goodwill.

  2. happyasclams says:

    Hi Brittany, thanks for your comment
    I agree, buying used clothing is definitely better than buying new, especially when you see how high the turnover for really good quality stuff is in the US – it’s amazing how many top quality items you can pick up in thrift stores. I bought a mint Emporio Armani sweater for 4.99 at Goodwill.
    But recently I spent lots of time thinking about my wardrobe, and my goal is not to buy more than 4-5 items per year (to replace worn out ones). I’m good, I covered all the essentials, seasons, and social events. I have enough. So I even don’t go into thrift stores anymore. If I miss something in my wardrobe it’s usually so specific that I will run across it maybe once per year, and maybe not at all, so it’s rather frustrating to spend hours looking for something that is nowhere to be found. I’m thinking about utilizing MILs skills for the “perfect black tailored skirt”. She’s an awesome tailor and has a lot of fun creating garments for her family :). Win-win!

  3. Off subject from clothes, but on subject for thrift stores, I just found a $200 computer chair at a thrift store this week. I am riding on a high over it! We’d been looking to buy one from that brand (Hon) and couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted it!

    I don’t buy a lot of clothes anymore so I can’t chime in that part. 🙂

    • happyasclams says:

      Yay, score! It’s really cool to hear that you found exactly what you were looking for in the thrift store, how unlikely is that!!

      See, that’s my dilemma: I know what I’m looking for as well, and chances of finding exactly that are usually zilch in thrift stores. I hand-pick my items to the point that I’m not accepting any compromises anymore. I’m glad that I reached a point now where I could sort out all the crap quality stuff (well mostly it fell apart by itself) that had managed to sneak into my life due to budget reasons, and as I said, there won’t be anymore buying in the near future. Thanks to the thrift store for providing me a nice sweater and an interview blazer (a wool Diane von Furstenberg, $10), but I won’t go back there anytime soon.

      After moving here i had to start from scratch (with couple tshirts and 2p pants), I experienced a whole new range of weather conditions, and also my social life had suddenly completely changed. I was the girl who went through her 20s with a pair of Teva’s, jeans and Tshirts and suddenly I had to think about all of those eventualities that came up (Choice conflict). All that somehow confused me, but I think I got back control again.

  4. A very useful website that I’ve used a lot! It’s amazing what you can learn about everyday items when you just scratch below the surface. And in the end it’s us as consumers who are the ones funding companies and their social behaviours.

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