way too much stuff

So a funny thing happened. I was just packing for our vacation to Mexico tomorrow (for 10 days). I put together some outfits for different activities that we planned

1, sporty stuff: hiking, looking at ruins, kayaking, swimming (Bikini, longsleeve UV proof shirt & knee length hiking pants against sun burn while kayaking, sport top and shorts for other activities)

2, regular clothes: visiting cities, going out (2 sun dresses, 1 pair shorts, 1 skirt, 2 tshirts, 1 short bolero )

3, shoes: casual walking, going out, hiking/kayaking.

of course we also take some soap to be able to wash clothes in between. But I am convinced, that I am taking way too much stuff – as I know myself I’ll be wearing a bikini, both dresses, and the sport shorts and that’s it. The rest I’m taking ‘just in case’, and three pairs of shoes seems downright excessive. Also I am travelling in long pants and a light jacket (still cold where I live), and I am considering to wear the sneakers to ‘save space’.

Then I saw that everything still fits nicely into half a carry on (leaving the other half for Mr. Handsome).

It’s weird how travelling for work changed my perspective – as I usually have to lug a large amount of work equipment around with me, there isn’t much space for personal things like clothes and I am always surprised how little I take when the work stuff isn’t around.

Is there something wrong with me??

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