Hello, atomic energy answer seekers!

Hi to everyone who is stumbling over my little blog here googling for nuclear power plants

Search terms leading to happyasclams last week

As you will see, this blog is not about forms of energy, or anti-nuclear activism. It’s about us living life a little differently, embracing the teachings of Henry David Thoreau (voluntary simplicity and minimalism), and trying to bring this sustainability philosophy a little more into the center of society.

So I apologize if there isn’t any anti-nuclear energy polemics to be found here, just my humble opinion about the recent developments in Japan and elsewhere in two or three posts. But before you move on on your search for answers, I would like to thank you. I’m glad you went out there and used the internet to inform yourself. A lack of willingness to get informed is the most dangerous thing that can happen to societies: it means that they stand still. The same thing accounts for not choosing your information but instead let them be pre-filtered by someone else (like on TV). Choosing and finding information is the single best aspect of the internet in my opinion.

In this particular case, not caring to be informed about something that is happening in Japan (on the other side of the world) comes from a false idea that the world is really big. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s a tiny blue ball in the middle of a whole lot of nothing (well astrophysicists might disagree), and I can board a plane now and with a stop in Singapore or Hawaii I’ll be on the other side of that ball in a matter of hours. So you really don’t need to qualify as “hippie” or “liberal” to be interested in these things, and to whatever opinion you might come to the end I would like to express to you my heartfelt appreciation that you tried, and I wish you good luck on your journey.

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