smashed, defeated

Mountain 2: clams 0!! Last week’s hiking was wonderful – the sun was out the whole day, we picked a really nice hidden private reservation that we had overlooked so far with rolling hills and cedar and oak forests, including a spectacular view… except that there was a little detail that didn’t fit in quite right with my early spring mood… 25F temperatures and extremely icy winds!!


I guess you all know that.. as soon as the sun comes out in spring, everyone forgets about the actual temperatures, peeling out of their oniony wintery layers of clothing and then.. the flu strikes. So I’m stuck in bed with fever, cough and a head that wants to explode since three days straight which also is the reason for not posting anything for so long. I guess there isn’t much I could have done to prevent that from happening – we were wearing hats, fleece, the appropriate stuff – except for maybe not opening my jacket a bit when I started sweating once in a while. But the cold wind was really cruel, my legs got so cold that I had strained muscle pain all over for two days. And tonight, it snowed again with more snow to come in next week – what kind of spring is this?? Oh well.. I’ll get back to productivity as soon as I resume the vertical position.

Lunch break - delicious avocado-chicken breast sandwich made by Mr. Handsome

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