The Emperor’s nonsense – 20 minutes

Yay! Time for another food post!

Lately I am especially enamored with good food… must be because in the States it’s kind of hard to get ~50% of the ingredients that I like. I believe everybody who says that food is one of the things about a new place that they check out first, and one of the things they miss of their old home the most. Food is so important. Never neglect your food – eating right and with time and pleasure has such a profound impact on our well-being.

Today I  show you a dish that is insignificantly more tricky to prepare than the usual pot of the day: “Kaiserschmarrn”, meaning something like “the Emperor’s nonsense” What’s awesome about it, is that it’s a traditional European sweet lunch (originating in Austria). Sweet lunches make you happy. The one you can see on the picture was made by our guest for us as a thank-you for hosting her. Of course I stole the recipe and simplified it for you. The “tricky to prepare” part means that you will need an actual appliance (a hand mixer), and “separate eggs” into yolk and eggwhite. There are thousands of varieties of this recipe, but the basic version is very doable.

The Emperor's sweet nonsense!

Basically, what we have here is a pile of  fluffy shredded pancakes

*off topic: I still cannot believe that pancakes in the States come from either the freezer or a premixed powder – what a rip-off!! It takes just as much time making them yourself!!*

1. mix 1/3 cup sugar and 4 egg yolks (add a splash of vanilla extract and a little salt if you wish)

2. Slowly add 1 cup flour and 1 1/2 cup milk

3. With the handmixer, mix the egg whites until foamy, then carefully mix it into the dough (with a fork)

4. Fry the pancakes in the pan – when they’re almost ready, shred them with the spatula

5. Eat with some powdered sugar on top and applesauce if you have.

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2 Responses to The Emperor’s nonsense – 20 minutes

  1. slow simple conscious says:

    kaiserschmarrn! i love kaiserschmarrn, will definitely try yours as the recipe in my austrian cookbook didn’t quite work, maybe slightly wrong ingredients here i don’t know. spent a year in austria and get ever so slightly over excited when austria is mentioned!

    • happyasclams says:

      Yey! I’m 100% sure it will work this time – even if you completely mess up the pancakes they’ll still taste super good, just switch of the lights and light a candle for dinner if necessary :).

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