What a change!

Compared to one week ago, the landscape has changed dramatically: Where we largely slipped over trails glazed with ice and snow last week, this weekend’s hiking has been so, well, muddy. But it’s a joy seeing the season change, like the little brown stubs peeking out of the tree branches that will soon become small green leafs. Although the wind was still icy, once in a while the sun peeked out of the clouds. Having the sun shine in your face after so many months of darkness and cold is one of the best things in the world for me.

It was also pretty dramatic to see how much we are out of shape :). Although we tried to keep moving during winter, the hilly terrain we hiked managed to knock us out completely,  leading to some random, unproductive hours of very good sleep as soon as we came home. Mountain 1 : clams 0. Alas, we’ll keep trying.

Here are some impressions

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4 Responses to What a change!

  1. Robert Wall says:

    Yeah, my parents’ yard is finally starting to clear off. What with the blizzard in December and a few snowfalls since then, up until this last week it’s been covered in at least a couple feet of snow!

    My wife put it in a more interesting way – “it’s actually fun to walk through the snow now that we don’t have to.”

    • happyasclams says:

      Can you believe that today, two weeks after I wrote the post, we still walked through some snowy patches in the forest? Ugh, I really have enough of this by now..

  2. Liina says:

    May I ask where these photos are taken? What a beautiful landscape!

    • happyasclams says:

      Hi Liina,

      at the moment we’re hiking the beautiful New England states. The backcountry has to offer a lot here – sometimes you have to drive a while, but it’s always well worth it!

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