Pot of the day: 20 minutes

Fried egg with vegies and mashed potatoes

Like I described in this post before, our dinners need to be fast, simple and healthy. Usually they contain carbs, vegies and protein all mixed together in one pot, which is why Mr. Handsome dubbed them “Pot of the day”. I can imagine that many of you are facing similar challenges, so we’ll be sharing some of our pots of the day with you. In a way, this first recipe is somewhat unusual: it contains of food sitting neatly next to each other instead of coming mixed in a single pot.

But it’s one of my favourite quick and simple dinners, because it takes only 20 minutes or so to prepare. It’s so easy, that there isn’t even a proper recipe for it. Plus, you have all the protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables you will need. Plus, the colour yellow is nice to look at.  I won’t mention condiments separately because they’re a matter of taste anyway. So Here is how to do it:

1. Put cut up potatoes in pot. Boil for 15 minutes. Peeling is optional, unless the skin is already greenish, then they must be peeled

2. Find frozen vegies in the freezer. Corn and peas look nice together and they both take 4-6 minutes to boil. Put vegies in pot. Add water, boil.

3. Fry eggs

4. When vegies are ready, remove water. When potatoes are ready, mash them together with some milk or cream.

5. Eat.

Fried egg and potatoes

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