Very simple wedding

When we decided to get married, it became clear very quickly that it wasn’t going to be a big event. First of all, both of us get stressed easily around a lot of people. Big events are something that always somewhat scares me, especially when being the center of attention. Second, shipping our respective families around the globe would have exceeded our budget by far. Third, spending a lot of money on one day didn’t sound like something we want to do – we’d rather spend it on an awesome trip. Fourth, deciding to get married in either of our countries of origin, would have stirred bad feelings on the other side of the family. So we got to the conclusion to visit the town hall and simply get it done there. After all, not the “getting” but the “being” married was the important thing that we wanted.

Still, of course on our wedding day we wanted to look somewhat decent and put together – I would have to lie if I said that picking a dress was easy! Although Mr. Handsome would have liked to see me in a traditional white dress, I could convince him that I wouldn’t want to buy a dress that is a) white and b) a one-time-wear item. In the end I decided for a chiffon LBD that made the transition from town hall to lunch to salsa quite smoothly. It’s not as pretty as this lady’s wedding dress (link here), but reduced to $24 from $150, from my favorite brand (Esprit), and machine-washable, I think I picked a winner :).

However, we weren’t going to miss the party! We decided to get married on New Year’s day, went to lunch with parents, and in the evening excused ourselves to go dancing into 2011. We had a wonderful, relatively stress-free day with enough time to be emotional and aware what was happening, and celebrating 2011 on our first day of marriage was a blast!

(DH says he picked the date in order not to forget anniversaries)

Wedding day

The total cost of our wedding came to:

Zip car $40

Wedding dress, tights, shoes, cardi me $80

Wedding suit, shirt him $80

Wedding license $60

Justice of peace $100

Lunch –invited by in laws $0

Tickets to New Year’s party total $90

Total $450

We didn’t have to get into debt and still had some extra savings left that we could put towards a small short trip within the US.

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