Voluntary switch-off

In the light of recent events

read the latest news here for example: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12723092

A reactor in the nuclear power plant of Fukushima is close to nuclear meltdown (Fukushima-Daiichi or Daini, we don’t know yet). As of now, experts aren’t sure whether meltdown has already occurred, will occur, or what is happening in general. What is certain is that this incident represents the most severe accident since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Let’s hope the situation can still be controlled and nuclear meltdown can be prevented.

Many of you will be wondering right now, if there is anything we can do?

Here you find a graph of the energy consumption per capita in different countries of the world:


More info can be found here


Going on the streets and demonstrating against the high risk imminent in nuclear power plants is one option, but the much simpler option everyone has is decreasing their own energy consumption

I am proposing a voluntary switch-off as a memento to the Fukushima incident. Everyone willing to participate should switch off their unnecessary sources of energy consumption every night from 8pm, until March 26th. On March 26th is Earth hour, where people from all over the world switch off their energy consumption for one hour


I would be glad if you could share this idea on your respective blogs.


a happy clam

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