About me, a statement, and why this blog exists

Hello world

I am a female early 30something who is probably best described as some type of modern nomad. Living simply for me and my husband is both choice and necessity. I try to lead a simple, eco-conscious life with minimalistic undertones. I define minimalism as living without excess, and use it to be able to describe our lifestyle in one word :). I travel the world both for work and leisure, and we’re constantly on the move.

I didn’t come to minimalism because of a consumerism problem or because Leo Babauta is so cool. Well he is cool, because he gives a voice to a lifestyle that exists for a long time but hadn’t been socially accepted before he and others started blogging about it. I simply came to minimalism through the overall circumstances of our (me and Mr. Handsome’s) lives. I learnt about the minimalist movement on the web only recently, but things have been going like this for a long time now.

I started to realize that there is something wrong with the world by travelling. I guess I don’t really need to go into detail about what could be wrong with living in a slum, or with deforestated landscapes. I realized also that not many people in the first world country where I was born want to know anything about it, nor do they understand the extent of the whole mess. So I decided to learn a green job and live more mindfully when I was about fifteen, which I did. Now I am in the lucky situation to be able to get far, far away at least twice a year to see other parts of the world, usually to very remote areas being completely off the grid. As much as I enjoy it every time, I am happy to return to a proper bed and shower in the end. When I come home I see our possessions and the things we take for granted in a different light. .. I am in the happy position to be able to make choices, so I choose to live with less. That doesn’t mean I think we’re better than others.

I consider simple living not a journey, it’s not an option or something you try out for a while – it’s our life. I’ve been moving 20+ times starting in early childhood, and both Mr. Handsome and me had to move half way (we actually measured it) around the world to meet each other. When I came to my current place, I had one suitcase full of belongings left (see the picture from the day of my arrival) and one box with work related items sent by mail over the ocean.  In the near future we will move again, and although the exact location is still unclear it might be far enough to make it ¾ of the world from both of our starting points. Maybe including another ocean.

All of my belongings in June 2010

We aren’t extreme minimalists (there are enough plates and cups for house guests, and they can sit on a sofa too), but by moving so many times, including house fires for both of us, you realize that having a lot of stuff can be a burden, and that the pain you feel when parting with sentimental items of the past will eventually fade away (after all you still have the memories). I haven’t counted our current personal things (yet) but we don’t own a lot, and almost everything is replaceable.

Also, my sense of aesthetics is rather minimalistic (I enjoy reading books about japanese architecture and about living in small spaces), which might be related to the fact that I am a creative person and I can’t concentrate on my work when there is any form of chaos around me – and I work from home a lot. I usually feel that the chaos in my head is enough, so my tolerance levels are low.

Probably there are some of you who read all of this (thank you) but are thinking ‘ah probably when they’ve settled they’ll buy a big house and accumulate crap like everybody else’. I think at the moment chances of that happening are slim to none, and I hope this blog will exist long enough to justify my claim. We’re both in our thirties and happy as clams, so why would we change anything now…?

Blah! Blah! So why does this blog exist again?

Well for one it is nice to have a place to share some stories and ideas (aka get my writing fix)

But mainly I opened this blog to support the voluntary simplicity and sustainability movement, and to raise my hand and say “Me too”. Things have to change and this is my vote.

spread, spread little grass roots 🙂

Maybe I’ll use it to blog a little bit about travels and life in other parts of the world too. Mr. Handsome is interested in blogging about food. We’ll see.

have a nice day,

a happy clam

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8 Responses to About me, a statement, and why this blog exists

  1. I think it’ll be great for you to continue this simple life. Don’t buy more stuff, I’m working on getting rid of tons of crap I’ve hauled around my whole life. Minimalist living is becoming more mainstream and as it does there’ll be more people and together we can start changing the consumer culture.
    Good luck!

    • happyasclams says:

      I would love to contribute to minimalism becoming mainstream! If elitist thinking has ever been wrong anywhere, it’s considering minimalism. I think many people are minimalists already, they just haven’t been too vocal about it or haven’t found the right platforms for communication before (like us). Lots of my friends also haven’t fallen into the consumerism trap, but it’s something that you wouldn’t carry on a sign around town. I like to hear from folks like you who are changing their lives into the right direction too!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi there, just found your blog via your spotlight on Minimalist Packrat – lovely space! Sounds like we have a lot in common – look forward to keeping in touch.

    • happyasclams says:

      forgive me that I haven’t replied to your comment yet but I wanted to check out your blog before and got interrupted by work 🙂 – I almost became a travel writer too, I even studied journalism for a while.. until i realized that my passion was elsewhere and I could still write about whatever I wanted as a hobby..
      Hope to read more about your vagabonding through South America on your blog.. espero que lo actualizas frecuente!

  3. Karin says:

    Hi Happy Clam, I too found you via the Minimalist Packrat – thanks for sharing your beautiful apartment! In the photo of your suitcase above, is that the Japanese scroll painting on the window sill??

    • happyasclams says:

      Hello Karin,
      good spot, yes, that’s the Japanese scroll! Next to it, my old book (I’ve posted about that one too).
      I suspect that our next move will be a little bit more complicated – We’re aiming for an additional five boxes…

  4. vagabondingparttime says:

    Right on! It’s always refreshing to come across other minimalist blogs that aren’t trying to sell you sonething, but are there simply to spread the idea. Keep on keeping on!

    • happyasclams says:

      ha, yes luckily I have a job that I love, so I don’t really need to make $$ off my hobby. And you’re planning on building one of those cute little houses? If yes, please post pictures, love to see living in small spaces!

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